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Renters insurance is a must for those renting or leasing a home, apartment, duplex, townhome, condo, loft, or studio. Renters insurance will allow you to protect your belongings and your liability. Many landlords throughout Pennsylvania require tenants to purchase rental insurance when they sign a lease with their renter. The good news is that you can very easily compare affordable renters insurance policies in order to find the best policy at the most affordable price.

Your landlord, or the property owner, is required to hold homeowners coverage. This protects the actual structure of the house or apartment and the land it is located on. However, all of the personal property inside the home will only be covered if a tenant has a rental insurance policy.

For instance, a flood or fire may damage or destroy the property and all items inside. In this case, the landlord would be covered for the property with the homeowner's coverage policy; however, the items inside the home would be the responsibility of the renter. If the renter has a renter's insurance policy, their valuables will be replaced by the replacement contents coverage.

In addition to insuring your valuables and personal property, you will also be protecting yourself against lawsuits with liability protection. If a person is injured in your home that is not due to a problem with the actual structure of the home, they can sue you. If you have a renter's insurance policy however, you can protect yourself from any litigation that might results from someone injuring themselves while visiting your home.

Protect yourself and your valuables by getting low cost renters insurance that will cover the contents of an apartment or home that you'll be renting. It is quick and easy to compare the cost, coverage and providers with Lehigh Underwriters Agency Inc. Simply go to the Quick Quote form and enter your information. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you to get the best possible coverage that fits both your lifestyle and your wallet.